Our Products

Manufacturing capacities

ELMOT JSC has modern numerically controlled machinery ensuring the manufacture of complex units and aggregates. The most important ones are as follows:

Competitive advantage

ELMOT JSC produce meets the requirements of all international quality standards. The company follows an intensive Research and Development policy and constantly implements new machinery in order to improve its products’ technical and functional parameters. Our VAT electric hoists are smaller than our competitors’ ones and they also have better operation reliability index. Two-speed motor hoists are designed for 25/50% and 20/40% duty cycles. Motor impregnation in the vacuum impregnation systems reduces motor overheating with 10-15°C in comparison to the ones impregnated when immersed. The shaft operating ends are made with a slotting machine. The outcome is a smooth surface, accurate and strengthened connection when compared to shafts made by taking off material. We should also take into account that the plant has been manufacturing electric motors with a conical cage-type rotor and integrated brake for more than 45 years.


ELMOT JSC produce is mainly export oriented. Its biggest export markets are Russia and Western Europe. For its major markets the company has laid brilliant foundations for partnering with Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, Syria, Iran, Russia and the former USSR republics and other 40 countries.


Satisfying to an increasingly greater extent our customers’ needs and requirements and responding to any market challenges by more efficient use of ELMOT JSC technological, Reseach and Development and production resources with the purposes of manufacturing high quality products, increasing the company’s market share and profitability.