Crane Components


offers a complete range of equipment used in cranes with total load capacity of up to 64 t.: end-trucks, wheel blocks, load limiters, hook blocks, etc. Manufacturer of crane double-rail and monorail trolleys. ELMOT JSC crane components are successfully integrated in large scale projects in various industries. They are mainly designed for implementation in horizontal transportation systems and equipment.

  • Reduction gears with dimensions of 160; 200, 250, 315;
  • Geared motors of up to 3 kW and output torque of up to 660 Nm designed for driving the running gears of hoisting and transportation equipment, crane trolleys and cranes, although their use in other systems is not limited. They are designed on grounds of two- and three-stage reduction gears and a clutch mounted asynchronous electric motor with a conical cage-type rotor and integrated brake. They are designed for S4 mode use in compliance with the requirements of IEC34-1. Double-rail and monorail crane trolleys, end-trucks, wheel blocks, etc. designed for integration into cranes and other hoisting equipment.

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